A bit more…

She skipped down the road. Does anyone skip anymore? Why wouldn’t you skip, skipping was fun. It’s not like anybody had told her she couldn’t skip, it was just that nobody else did it. For some reason cartoon characters skipped an awful lot but their undrawn counterparts never followed the televised example. As a rule skipping was a dangerous habit along this street, you were just as likely to meet with a horizontal demise as you were to meet with fun, but on this day in particular she met with a lady. Stranger danger was a lesson taught with hesitation in Abigail’s household, as her parents were concerned about protection and socialisation in equal parts, so as there seemed to be no immediate danger from talking to the lady that is exactly what she did.

“Hi! Are you from around here?”

The lady looked down at the small girl who had skipped across her path, and removed a small white wire from her ears, “Excuse me?”

“I asked if you were from ‘round here”

“Oh, well, kind of. I live a few suburbs over. I’ve just been riding my bike today, being a nice day and all. How about you?”

“Yeah I live on this street. It’s a pretty nice place to live I guess. Do you like living where you live?”

“I do actually! It’s just outside a school though so it gets pretty busy on the streets around this time of day.”

“Cool. Well nice to meet you. See ya!”

With that abrupt finish she edged around her new friend and skipped away. Only a few doors down she hooked a quick left into her front yard and kicked a ball that she had left lying on the lawn from a previous session and then watched in horror as it flew over the barely manicured hedge, over some green railings and smashed straight through one of the windows that provided a gap in awful purple of the house across the road.

For half a second Abigail froze, before quickly rotating and making haste inside her own house. She had made it to the front porch and was fumbling with her keys just as the lady on the bike turned around, ironically only having heard the noise of the windows breaking due to Abby’s conversion forcing her to remove an earphone. The lady turned around and headed towards the ugly house just as Abigail slipped inside of her own.

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